Come in! And thank you for dropping by! This website has been a longtime coming and I can’t express enough thanks to those who helped make it happen. It’s truly a labor of love and I hope you’ll stay a while… So grab yourself a coffee, put your feet up and come explore my world of food, entertaining and travel.

The Kitchen Gourmet had its humble beginnings at a friend’s home whilst offering to prepare and serve bite sized delicacies in her beautiful new home for her house warming, and snowballed into a wonderful culinary venture. Food being at its core with arms reaching into the many facets of entertaining guests from music, funny anecdotes, to creating beautiful spaces.

The enjoyment of food has taken most of my savings and has added holes to my belts, but it has also given me countless memories and fostered friendships I hope to last a lifetime. We all have a voice and should use it, so I thought I’d pipe up about what makes my days sunnier.

The Kitchen Gourmet team is proud to pour its talents into the food and services we offer. We’re creative and enjoy to chat with our clients to best understand your specific circumstances and needs. So feel free to reach out and send us a note or question.

As for the website, you’ll find recipes, tips, stories, and guest posts. So to keep up to date, subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Pleased to meet you, now lets begin!

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