Spring Cleaning

There’s something about stepping into a clean kitchen… And although keeping a kitchen clean is a thankless and a seemingly never-ending task, there are a few things that can dupe visitors into thinking there’s nothing to it. I’m going to share a few ideas, and you can discuss with your conscience to see if this is a course of action you and your “higher mr-clean-ing” self are willing to consider…

First, lets be clear: the kitchen is for cooking, not the drop station for mail, receipts, keys, empty bottles, or yes, even car parts waiting to be brought to the garage.

Counter Tops

Aside from being drop dead gorgeous, this kitchen is minimalist and inviting

If the kitchen counters look more like the shelves at Canadian Tire’s Kitchen gadgets section, re-visit those key electronics you use everyday. Everything else can go behind closed doors, either in cupboards which will soon be a lot tidier than your current jumbled shelves.


Take EVERYTHING out. Deep clean every nook and cranny. Dispose of containers with what could only be categorized as toxic waste at this point. If cheese isn’t meant to be aged, then why keep it until it’s blue? Before you put things back, figure out what your next two meals might look like (by what’s about to expire) and keep it visible.

This is your chance to be a little creative with… cauliflower, mushrooms, and… Romano cheese.


My rule of thumb is this: Anything I haven’t used in over a month, I take out. It can go to a basement storage shelf, or better yet, your local food bank. Clutter doesn’t help the creative process, and this applies doubly in the kitchen for me. It’s not seeing an unopened jar of tapenade that sparks my creative juices, it’s a blank canvas and a clean start to which everything is possible. And if you’re lacking inspiration, there’s always these Pinterest boards


Oh the crumb-catching, finger-stabbing, dark-dungeon once called a utensil drawer. Well it’s time to be ruthless… If your family’s like mine, they think that your inclination for cooking entitles them to clutter your drawers full of one hit wonders. IT’S ALL A FRAUD! They didn’t know what to give you, so they got you knick-knacks… Kick your conscience to the curb and get rid of anything that only performs one function which can be taken over easily by an everyday item. For example, the rubber garlic roller is NOT helpful. Stop being such a wimp… use your largest knife and your palm to squash that garlic into submission. Same goes with the avocado slicer… follow this video to make a joke of it…

Under the Sink

CLEAN UNDERNEATH YOUR KITCHEN SINK. It also tends to become a catch-all and more often than not, it stinks like a wet dog rolled around some fish guts. Take everything out, disinfect, and only keep the things that will help keep this newly cleaned kitchen spotless. If you need inspiration, this Pinterest post may help get the proverbial ball rolling.

The Lesson is This:

Keep the things that matter close to you in the kitchen. Those you only use when you’re trying to impress the in-laws or unappreciative friends can go elsewhere. And if you don’t have an “elsewhere”, then stop buying useless stuff. Leave that one-of-a-kind oilers triple shot glass behind, save up your money, and buy only useful (pretty) things.

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