Butter Cookies

butter cookies
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The only thing better than butter is more butter… On one hand I can’t believe I’m actually sharing this super secret recipe, and on the other, I can’t believe I’ve withheld it from you guys for so long! Maybe I wanted to guard it close to my heart… The recipe was passed on to me from one of the most marvelous persons on this planet who happened to be my sitter until the age of like, eight. Yvonne was one of the best cooks around, and her cedar house always smelled so wonderful as soon as you walked in the door.

butterI suppose she was yet another person that showed me how some people express themselves through food. I still remember her chicken noodle soup made fresh on wintry days. But enough about noodles, I’m here to talk butter… One can never have too much butter. The first time I tasted these is when I understood the important of texture in food. What a joy to leave them melt atop my tongue, the salt, vanilla and nutmeg marrying to my taste buds. These gloriously perfect morsels are perfect for holidays, but also can be used any old time you want to show someone you’re thinking about them. I’ve even used this recipe as the base for a fruit flan, elevating custard to the next level!