Best Laid Plans

Day 1
Just when you think you’ve figured out your perfect packing regimen and are ready to be dubbed the packing queen extraordinaire, you realize, once 1000feet in the air, that although you’ve brought your camera charger, European adapter, memory stick, even your food photography reference book, you’ve forgotten the one essential element to the equation: your freaking camera.

Looking out the face-sized window down at the ant-sized buildings, you picture (pardon the pun) asking a passing crew member, currently oblivious of your misfortune and impending freak-out, to make a “U-y”… “Of course miss, we’ll get right on that…”

And so you begrudgingly look at your “ok” iPhone and try to figure which apps can be shelved until after this trip. You debate with yourself as to just how important is your Shazam and 8track apps…. The last step is figuring you’ll just have to get intimately acquainted with your iPhone’s photo settings and spend loads of time sorting through which shots to keep and which to send to Never Never Land.

So this trip is off to a rocky start, but as I write this, I look to my left at my studdly partner in life and travel, and tell myself it’s gonna be alright… And for this control freak, that’s saying something!

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